Cost $70.00

Registration includes access to a trainer, online course materials, and certification.

Required Prerequisite(s):

Holds an existing National Lifeguard Instructor award (need not be current) and have completed Mandatory Updates (as required).

To look up your Lifesaving Society record us the Find A Member function below. View all your certifications current and non-current. Contact [email protected] to access your Member ID.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Session One

    • Welcome

    • Literature & Resources

    • Competency Based Leadership Training

    • Session 1 Quiz

    • Competency Self-Assessment & Development Plan

    • Competency Self - Assessment

  • 2

    Session Two

    • The Lifesaving Society

    • Lifesaving Society Knowledge Quiz

    • Policies & Procedures

    • Session Two Quiz

  • 3

    Session Three

    • National Lifeguard Recertification

    • Session Three Quiz

  • 4

    Session Four

    • Course Closure

    • Course Evaluation

Additional Notes:

Certification Currency: 2 years from the date of recertification.